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A stylish, responsive website for this tax forecasting company

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Value Consulting
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The brief

Value Consulting specialise in producing valuation and data modelling software for tax purposes.

Pierre at Value Consulting got in touch, as they needed a company website that would showcase their services and products. The brief was straight forward; the site had to be stylish, present a clear message, encourage people to make contact, and effectively showcase the features of their flagship product: The Legal Entity Forecaster (LEF).

The approach

I was given free rein to come up with a site design that would meet the client's goals. The design uses bold colours and distinct sections that contain a simple balance of text and graphics, and large call-to-action buttons, directing the user to download an LEF demo and get in touch. The LEF software section contains video screen captures and uses side-scrolling, allowing the user to be walked through key features in a logical way.

The site is truly responsive, and time was spent optimising for screens of all sizes. With lower-powered devices and slow data connections in mind, JavaScript was written to manage the loading of images and YouTube videos, such that they only load when in the view port (the visible area displayed whilst scrolling through a web page). This technique brought the initial page load size down from ~2.5mb, to under ~500kb.

The result

Value Consulting are over the moon with their website. It's achieving the goals that were set out at the start, by bringing in regular enquiries, plenty of demo downloads and garnering praise from their clients.

Working with Ben was a pleasure. His creativity and excellent eye for design, has helped to create us a website that we're really happy with.

Pierre Corval @ Value Consulting