UCLAN Careers

A HTML5 web app built for UCLAN Careers open days

UCLAN Careers

The brief

UCLAN Careers is the recruitment arm of the Univeristy of Central Lancashire, tasked with recruiting new students to their creative courses.

I was approached by UCLAN Careers to help create a web app to help them collect prospective students' data in a more fun and engaing manner at their regular open days.

The approach

This was a great project, and we were given free rein to use the latest browser features to create a fun way to collect applicant information, rather than just boring old form filling on a clipboard. We decided on using a suite of computers at the Careers open day, each equipped with a webcam that could be controlled in the app using HTML5's webcam API (Application Programming Interface). Using the web app the user can take a journey by selecting their career, using the webcam to photograph themselves in a profession themed photo, fill-in a small amount of personal data, and share their photos across social media with their friends.

The result

The UCLAN Careers web app has been a storming success at open days. As all of the detailed data is collected within a database, which in-turn flows into an admin system, this gives the UCLAN team powerful analysis tools allowing them to really drill-down into the data collected from their events all over the world.