Design and responsive template build for SEO platform

Design & Development
Launch project

The brief

Linkdex is an SEO platform, with some of the world's largest advertising and SEO agencies using it as their primary SEO solution.

Linkdex made contact as they needed to overhaul their website. Their existing site had been put together fairly quickly in WordPress, its design had been carried out very much on-the-fly, and had evolved over time, becoming unwieldy. The team asked me to come on board and apply my design and front end development skills to help craft them a fresh new website that reflected their brand more effectively.

The approach

I collaborated with Linkdex's in-house design team, who had already made a great start on the core structure of the site. Using this ground work as a springboard, we really focussed on creating a clear and well-balanced design. In total we designed 19 template pages, with close attention paid to mobile layouts.

We used InvisionApp for each design revision, which allowed us to easily and quickly consolidate feedback from globally-based team members.

With the designs signed-off by the team, I converted them into lightweight, responsive, standards compliant HTML5 templates. Bootstrap was the CSS framework of choice.

The result

With the templates complete and put through their paces across devices, they were passed over to the Lindex development team for integration into WordPress. The speed at which these slotted into place was impressive, and the launch was turned round within just a week.

Linkdex's new comprehensive website is a great base from which they can continue in their success.

Ben was a pleasure to work with. His design skills, expertise in front end dev and attention to detail were exactly what we needed to bring in to the team in order to help us create our new site.

Jono Alderson, Global Head of Digital @ Linkdex