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Graduate Fashion Week

The official Graduate Fashion Week iOS and Android app

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The brief

I was asked by Pagemakers to take the technical lead on this project; to use their great design work and convert it into a slick, intuitive & functional mobile app.

This iOS and Android app had to allow real-time updates to the thousands of attendees to the annual Graduate Fashion Week event in London.

The approach

The app was created in HTML5 and integrates with social sharing features, opening it's content up to social media networks. All the styling and animations use CSS, and utilise, where available, the device's graphic card. This keeps all things visual super-smooth.

The app is driven by a Content Management System (CMS), this enables the GFW team to distribute updates to all of their attendees, in real-time. By using HTML5 technologies at its core, the app can be be ported to iOS, Android and Windows Phone with ease.

The result

The app launched at the Graduate Fashion Week event and proved popular, with 1000's of downloads.

Ben took the tech-lead on this project, and delivered a slick and polished iOS and Android app on time, that went down a storm at the show.

Paresh Parmar, Co-founder @ Pagemakers