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Days of the Year

A fun app for the ultimate guide to celebrating each and every day

Days of the Year
Launch project

The brief

Days of the Year (DOTY) aims to bring all of the world's weird, funny, wonderful and bizarre holidays under one roof, and to create the ultimate guide to celebrating each and every day.

The team at DOTY approached me to build an app that utilised their data API. It was important that the app was fun, easy-to-use, and importantly, provided daily push notifications to maintain users' interest in the long term.

The approach

DOTY had a good idea of what they were after, so we started by creating wireframes that helped us to refine the core UX and screen layouts. Once the wireframes were solid, we converted this to HTML templates. By using Ionic 2 & AngularJS 2 (an MVC framework) I could quickly write code that seamlessly reflected updates in the HTML. The app integrates with device features to ensure time zones are in-sync, and utilises Google Cloud Messaging for its push notifications.

The result

DOTY are super happy with the app, and it's really helped to bolster their digital offerings.